I have been making soap for 25 years - beginning as a hobby to make holiday gifts, then finding natural homemade soaps were beneficial for a child with dermatitis issues.  

With a background in chemistry and a recent graduate degree in alternative medical research, I am well grounded in understanding the value and therapeutic properties of essential oils and herbs.

I understand and promote the value of everyone using natural body products, rather than exposing ourselves to chemicals and preservatives.


I work with Seasonal Mary, a local lavender grower, to distill her lavender each July.  This provides pure essential oil, and gallons of lavender hydrosol, a wonderful, water-based byproduct with all the therapeutic value of the essential oil in a form that is safe to use directly on the skin.  This hydrosol is used in many of our products, unique to most body products you may find elsewhere.

I strive to provide natural soaps, shampoos and lotions at a reasonable price, with excellent customer service. 


                                     Private label and Tailor Made

Let me help you stock your spa or store with products tailor made for your therapeutic needs.  

I have experience in blending essential oils and herbs to provide therapeutic value in a variety of body products.  This may include massage oils, essential oil blends, liquid and solid soaps and shampoos, foot powders, lotion bars, and bath bombs or shower tabs. These can be provided for your back bar use as well as to sell retail, giving you wholesale pricing.  If this is of interest, please fill out an email form below and we can talk.  

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