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Oregon Natural Soaps, LLC

We are committed to making natural, handcrafted skin care products, offering quality cleansing and skin care.   We use pure vegetable oils, fats and butters in our products, with natural herbs for texture and color,  pure essential oils for fragrance and aromatherapy benefits.   All products contain no chemicals, including preservatives or parabens.  We are collaborating with a local, organic lavender farm, Seasonal Mary, for added quality and expertise in designing our products.  



For everyday use

Choose from a wide variety of scents and beneficial properties. These soap are long-lasting and moisturizing.


Our best-selling product

The cleansing properties of these bars is excellent. One bar will last about 2 months with daily use by one person. 
TSA friendly and doubles as body and hair soap while you travel.


Treat your straight-edge enthusiast

Handcrafted shaving bars for strong lather and good "slip".  Bars are 4 oz. and 3 inches in diameter, to fit most shave mugs.


New product

Cremes are thicker than lotion and designed for troubled areas such as feet or elbows.
See what we have to offer!


Organic "floral water"

We personally distill local, organic lavender from a farm in Oregon.  Plants are harvested and distilled in July for a seasonal supply of this versatile product.